Divided We Fall: United We Stand

US Constitution - We The People

For the next four months, during this presidential election cycle, we will be bombarded with hot rhetoric further dividing this nation. The outcome of the election will be important for many reasons, but perhaps the most important issues won’t even be discussed.

What is happening to our nation? When did we become so polarized? Why? Yesterday we republished an article that said only 52% of the public is proud to be an American. Today we are republishing a video that shows most of the public don’t know how many stars are on our national flag or what they stand for. We used to be a proud, productive and compassionate nation. We used to be advancing together. Now, many of us are angry, ignorant or indifferent. What has happened to our once great culture? When did we forget our common interests and degenerate into rampant me-ism?

What is happening to our nation? When did we become so polarized? Why?

Why is the current administration and the Congress both held in such low regard? If we continue on this course, will it get better? And if not, why do we continue on this path? Is it because we don’t see an alternative? And if we did, what would we do? Do we have the courage to change it?

We believe these are some of the important questions of our time and we would like to hear your thoughts. So please speak your mind in our Comments Section and add your voice to this important dialogue.

Please speak your mind below in our Comments Section
and add your voice to this important dialogue.

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About the Author:

Theresa Ruby

Theresa Ruby, CEO, has served in senior leadership, human development, and humanitarian positions for more than 20 years. In the past, she was Vice President of Cultural Change, Human Resources, Communication, and Health and Safety for a large publicly traded corporation. She recently served as Vice President of Leadership and Talent Management for a multi-billion dollar company in the Midwest. In addition, she is the past President/Chairperson of Women in Business (WIB), San Francisco. WIB is a non-profit organization that helps women executives, managers, and small business owners. She has also worked with Boards of Directors, CEOs of multibillion dollar corporations, and international agencies such as US AID, EXIM Bank, and US Trade and Development. She serves on the Board of GlobaHouse Group. Theresa has on undergraduate degree in engineering and a master’s in International Business Relations.