GlobalHouse welcomes participants from around the world who are interested in reaching their true potential in life. The way we will help accomplish this is through the new operating system of Potentialism.

Participate in Potentialism

Theresa Ruby and Ross Gray of GlobalHouse meet with Dr. Shyam Katuwal, executive committee member of GlobalHouse Nepal.

In fact, we believe the liberated potential of individual people holds the best hope for a brighter future for us all. Moreover, we believe that all of us have a great opportunity to enhance our own lives and those of others by simply participating in or joining GlobalHouse and adding your voice to a new effort for all humanity.

If we are to implement new concepts and change we must rely on the change agents of our time— students, educators, and other rational/visionary thinkers; including political and social leaders, individuals, progressive business leaders, professionals, and members of compatible single cause organizations such as environmentalists, women’s rights organizations, humanists, peace organizations, and human rights organizations. Together they are the heart and soul of what we call “The Nexus Option.”

The Nexus Option is an alternative that applies the new socio-economic paradigms of Potentialism to address and resolve our individual and global problems. It is the application of the socio-economic paradigm of Potentialism by those who can still change the world.

The Nexus Option is comprised of three major components. Which one are you?

Now is a great time to start the journey by joining with other people from campuses and communities around the world. Even if you are shy or reluctant, your participation will enable you to keep up with the progress and programs of GlobalHouse without any obligation. So, please join with us now and begin to unravel the mystery. It will change the rest of your life.

You may participate in a variety of ways such as: following our website, signing up for RSS feeds, interacting on our social media sites, reading the Potentialism Series of books, starting a reading group, involving others, discussing Potentialism, contacting us, starting a mini-GlobalHouse, volunteering, etc.

Listed below are some of the many talents and expertise that can help:
  • leaders
  • activists/organizers
  • photographers
  • videographers
  • writer/editors
  • engineers
  • journalists
  • information technologists
  • translators
  • bloggers

GlobalHouse encourages you to share your talents and expertise with the world to help everyone live better and fuller lives. If you are interested in volunteering, please send your contact information and your area of interest to us.

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