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Ross Anthony Gray has served as president or chairman of several corporations including a leading environmental consulting firm with over 100 engineers, geologists, and environmental scientists and technicians. He is an expert on many aspects of human behavior and Chairman of the GlobalHouse Group of companies. Along with Theresa Ruby, he served as a successful mediator in the Nepal civil war. He has lived and worked in many developing countries around the world. Ross has a degree in International Relations and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the academic honor society.

Angry At Politicians !!!

All over the world people are rebelling against their governments, some with guns, some in other ways. Moreover, these rebellions are not only occurring against ruthless totalitarian governments; they are occurring against democracies too. Something is happening that we don’t fully understand. Everywhere people are angry with tyrants and low performing politicians posing as leaders. [...]

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Journalism or Propaganda?

What is the role of journalism in the modern world? Is it to report the news, or is it to endorse one side or the other? All journalism takes on the flavor of the author. That probably can’t be avoided. But what about blatant, flagrant partisanship? How can we trust a reporter or journalist that [...]

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Self-Righteous Ideologues — Pulling us Apart

Every day we read the news from self-righteous ideologues of the left and right. In their zeal to “do the right thing,” they exaggerate, distort and slant the news to agree with their own ideological bent. What they, and their enthusiastic followers, don’t understand is: they are the problem. Instead of helping find a way [...]

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Dogmas & Dilettantes

Why is the news always filled with disasters? Why aren’t we making more progress in the world? Why do new problems always  come up? Is this a permanent condition of humanity or is there something we can do about it? The new socio-economic model of Potentialism shows how we can do something about it. It [...]

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Independence, Liberty, Democracy

Hooray for the Brits ! Last Thursday, the people of Great Britain voted to leave the dysfunctional European Union. It was a courageous vote for independence and a repudiation of the undemocractic and bureaucratic EU. Since the birth of modern democracy about 240 years ago, democracies all over the world have been drifting toward something [...]

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