Redpoint_Ripcord Back of Helo Nepal Everest Rescue 150428 (1)Until now the government has had a hold on all helicopters in Nepal. However, they are about to release that hold and we (GlobalHouse) have acquired a first-in-line block-time position on two 5-6 person helicopters (gazelles). These helicopters can reach most of the remote towns and villages in minutes instead of days. We will be flying doctors, medical supplies, food, water treatment systems, etc into the villages and flying the most critically injured out to hospitals in Kathmandu.

We are arranging to share these helicopters with multiple aid agencies as appropriate and sharing the cost with them (they are expensive to operate). Heart to Heart and Water Missions have already asked for and agreed to take time. And, we already have an American “traffic cop” on the ground who is an expert on using these helicopters in Nepal and will help allocate the usage of the helicopters.