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As we enjoy this wonderful holiday in America, millions of people in Nepal are suffering. Some of them are hungry, some are cold and wet, and many are living in makeshift housing. Most of them have few prospects for a better life for themselves and their children. It doesn’t have to be this way! Nepal [...]

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Nepal Media Article on GlobalHouse & Himganga Safe Drinking Water Distribution

The link below was published by the Nepal media on the joint efforts of GlobalHouse and Himganga to provide free safe drinking water and fruit drinks in Kathmandu. Unfortunately, there are still ongoing needs.... This article is written in Nepali, but and english version will translated soon and posted.    

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GlobalHouse Meeting with Dr. Neupane from Kansas City Nepalese Society

Theresa Ruby and Ross Gray of GlobalHouse met with Dr. Neupane from the Kansas City Nepalese Society to discuss how we could jointly help Nepal. First, we discussed what we were both doing to aid in the earthquake disaster relief. Then, we talked about how we might work together in the future to address the many social, [...]

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On the ground: “People are eagerly awaiting aid”

Note: This is the second installment from our friend Sarita Niroula, managing director of Kumudini Media Home, a reporter who is on the ground in Nepal after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on April 25. According to the Ministry of Home Affair, nearly 8,000 Nepali citizens have died after the earthquake hit on April 25. [...]

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On the ground in Nepal: “Our children are facing dark days ahead”

Note: During our travels to Nepal, we were honored to meet and befriend Sarita Niroula, managing director of Kumudini Media Home, a reporter who is on the ground in Nepal after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on April 25. Today (May 2), she reports from Sindupalanchock, one of the hardest hit districts in Nepal. Saturday’s [...]

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On the ground in Nepal: “No words”

When we asked our friend Lasta to share her experience on the ground, she said, “I have no words.” So we thought we’d let her photographs tell this tragic story. Lasta’s home – once a beautiful, historic structure – now is reduced rubble. She and her family found another safe place to live, but the [...]

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Providing Regular Water Supply to Three Hospitals

GlobalHouse and Himganga Beverage are continuing to produce and distribute free safe drinking water in Kathmandu ~ approximately 16,000 liters per day. We are providing daily support to three hospitals as well as many individuals. It costs about $5,000 per day and we need to keep it running. We are saving lives.

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Procuring Helicopter Time to Assist Critical Missions

Until now the government has had a hold on all helicopters in Nepal. However, they are about to release that hold and we (GlobalHouse) have acquired a first-in-line block-time position on two 5-6 person helicopters (gazelles). These helicopters can reach most of the remote towns and villages in minutes instead of days. We will be [...]

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Helping Supply Safe Drinking Water to 250,000 Nepalis

GlobalHouse, Inc. is assisting Water Missions International to ship and import 30 safe drinking water systems to Nepal in the next few days. When fully operational, these water purification systems can provide safe water to about 250,000 people. Access to safe drinking water has been a staggering problem since the first day after the earthquake [...]

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Helping Get Doctors and Medical Supplies to Nepal

On Sunday, GlobalHouse met with the founder, Dr. Gary Morsch, the CEO, Jim Mitchum, the VP of Operations, Dan Neal, and the advance team from Heart to Heart International, a leading disaster response group of doctors. Heart to Heart distributes over $100,000,000 per year worldwide. Right now, they are sending a plane with doctors and [...]

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