P1040403On Sunday, GlobalHouse met with the founder, Dr. Gary Morsch, the CEO, Jim Mitchum, the VP of Operations, Dan Neal, and the advance team from Heart to Heart International, a leading disaster response group of doctors. Heart to Heart distributes over $100,000,000 per year worldwide. Right now, they are sending a plane with doctors and medical equipment/supplies from Kansas City. Federal Express is donating the plane, pilot and fuel. The assessment team including Dr. Morsch will be on the ground in Kathmandu Wednesday.

GlobalHouse is providing the political clearances and connections they need to get in and around the country and through Customs, etc. in Nepal. GlobalHouse has also arranged for a consignee (a legal entity in the country) to meet the plane, receive the medical supplies, transport them and store them in a warehouse.

IMG_1673Heart to Heart is a great organization. We are happy to be working with them, so their doctors and medical supplies can get to the Nepali people that need them. Every minute counts.